Christina Müller

Gregorian Date: 15 October 1953 (11:45 am)
Dresden, Germany
VENUS INFLUENCE: Morning Star in Aires
LIGHT PULSE INFLUENCE: Reflect & Self-Regulate (North)
PERSONALITY: 6 (Flow) Stillness (West)
The Pleiadians have given us an understanding of energy and its affect on our individual and collective makeup. Because everything that exists is a play of energies, and we are here to learn how to work with them on Earth, it is beneficial to understand the energy that makes each of us unique. Everyone of us has a combination of energies that make us Who We Are. The Light Pulse energy is the energy from the universe that sparks our desire to grow and guides us. The Personality influence is the specific universal and Earth energy combination that most affects our outer personality. The Karmic influence points to our deep desires, karmic behaviors, and it defines our shadow work, showing us places where we may be stuck or places where we are holding certain beliefs or patterns of behaviors that are no longer functional. The Year of Birth influence addresses the specific energies of the collective consciousness and the societal patterns that were present when we were born and that continue to influence us in the present life. The position of Venus at our birth affects our view of life and how we interact with the world. With all of these energies defined and explained, it becomes much easier to learn to use energy to co-create our reality as the New Humans. In other words, the Pleiadians have given us a gift to help us understand how we may open the doorway to our own potential.
Prior to 2012, energies presented themselves on Earth in sequential combinations in order to teach us how to recognize and work with each energy. With the evolution of our consciousness and our sense that "time" is "speeding up", ALL energies are now simultaneously available to us to work with every day, so the importance of understanding them is increased.


One of the most prominent influences on who we are is the position of Venus at the time of our birth. You came to Earth when Venus was reflecting as the Morning Star in Aires. The influence of Venus in this position makes you an initiator. You are always interested in new beginnings and growth. You are intuitive, impulsive, and impatient for new and better things to begin. You act as a catalyst in the world, and you are very self-directed. You are always capable of doing whatever is needed and able to act quickly. You recover quickly from any injury, sickness, or trying situation, and are always able to quickly return to a position of hope; you have the ability to see the possibilities of life with eyes of innocence and wonder. You have faith in yourself, and you understand exactly how things operate in the material world. You understand the mechanical nature of things, and you are able to evaluate quickly in order to move into necessary action. You are a creative person who responds to a deep and very personal voice; your vision motivates you and drives a sense of purpose. Venus in this position makes you one who tests society's limits, always being a pioneer who is moving quickly towards what comes next, even when others cannot yet see it. Your world view will match that of others who are born when Venus was in the position of Morning Star. You may often feel frustrated because humanity is not evolving as quickly as you know is possible. The way to cope with this frustration is to slow down and spend time in Nature.


The Light Pulse energy is the guiding force that nurtures you and influences your choices. For most of us, that influence lives at a subconscious level, and it is similar to the influences of the moon in Western astrology. The Light Pulse is your direct connection to the universe; it is the energy from the universe that connects you to Home. You could say that this vibratory influence is the major guiding factor in your life, directing the development of your individual personality, shaping your character, helping you to work with your challenges, and co-creating your destiny. When you are aware of the Light Pulse that directs you and you work within its guidance, you can feel fulfilled by knowing Who You Are and the direction that is yours to take. Through connecting to the wisdom of the Light Pulse, you can discover why you are here and how always to connect with Home. You were born under a northern Light Pulse which leads you to always Reflect and Self-Regulate. The Maya called this energy "Etz'nab" and the Cherokee referred to it as "Flint." It is the energy that can cut through all illusion, and it is one of the five energies that give one a universal perspective about life. This energy that guides you is restless. As a result of its influence, you will have powerful transformative experiences, for you are able to cut through all illusion when you attune to this guiding energy. This energy is related to the energy of the planet Neptune, which brings an ability to dissolve boundaries in order to merge that which is separate into wholeness. It is a very healing energy, and thus, you carry a very healing presence into the world. This Light Pulse is what has set you on a spiritual quest; you long to transcend any sense of earthly bondage. This is an interesting mix in your overall makeup, for your outer personality often feels the limits of third dimensional reality. However, your Light Pulse acts as a "cosmic solvent," dissolving many of the limitations you experience. Your guiding Light Pulse gives you the ability to connect with the invisible and intangible, giving you extreme sensitivity and clairvoyant abilities. This force is most likely the reason for your interests in both shamanic work and third dimensional physics.
Your purpose is defined by your Light Pulse. In your case, you know that you are here to help humanity transcend the limited material world of empirical reality. You are here to foster the urge to surrender separate existence, to dissolve boundaries, and to help us all merge into divine unity. You are here to make the world a more loving and beautiful place. The challenge for you, as you cut away all illusion and move towards truth, is to cooperate and share without expectations, judgment, or criticism of others who are so much slower than you are to see the true reality.


Your outer personality is formed by a combination of Universal energies and Earth energies. Your personality defines who and how you are in the outer world. Unlike the 12 planetary influences of Western astrology, there are 13 energies given to humanity by the Pleiadians to help us understand our individual place in the universe and our role in the development of the larger human evolution. From 1 to 13 these Universal energies are:
The Pleiadians define 20 Earth energies to help us understand our specific role on Earth (we are part of Earth as well as part of the stars.) Although the Maya and the Cherokee had a different name for each energy in their own language, I have listed the energies with English words that most closely approximate the representation of each energy. From 1 to 20 these Earth energies can roughly be summarized as:
2-Wind (Breath)                   
3-Stillness (Night)                          
4-Sexuality (Seed)                 
5-Movement Into Magic               
9- Feelings                                     
11-Illusion; Reality               
13-Explore & Express         
17-Sound (Evolution)          
18-Reflect & Self-Regulate  
19-Catalyzing Energy                 
20-Enlighten (Light) 
Your particular outer personality combination carries the energy of 6 Stillness. Your Universal number is 6.  It is the pulse of flow. This energy transcends all conflict, always seeking to merge opposites into harmonious unity. It is the energy that understands the continual movement of all energy. On Earth, we perceive this energy as the manifestation of cycles as space-time. This energy contributes to Who You Are through an aspiration to continually develop and improve. It also brings you a deep heart awareness that all problems or potential challenges can be resolved through flowing over, through, or around them, rather than resisting or competing in an energy of conflict. This energy also gives you the empathy you possess; you are emotionally connected to others. The energy of harmony guides all that you wish for and all that you do. This means that you can negotiate life more smoothly than others. It also means that you may tend to take emotional responsibility for others in order not to feel their pain. Taking responsibility that is not yours will drain you, particularly in personal relationships. Be sure that you allow others to take personal responsibility for their own moods. You are only responsible for your feelings, not those of others. When you demonstrate the ability to flow through changing circumstances, taking responsibility for your own feelings and moods, others are helped simply by being in the presence of one who can navigate the changing waters of life. You need not do it for them; simply demonstrate how it is done by doing it yourself.
The energy of Stillness, called "Akbal" by the Maya and "Night" by the Cherokee, is a Western energy, carrying the power to descend into the abyss to receive, and transform. The energy of Stillness comes from the level of Individual Consciousness, pulling everything you experience into a deeply personal individual level where you can understand and integrate it. You have a wonderful cosmic view of life, given by your Light Pulse, and you have the ability to bring that view from the macrocosm into the microcosm of personal experience. The influence of Stillness causes you to experience life from the place where thoughts, inspirations, and concepts arise. This influence gives you both a longing for adventure and a deep need for security. Security issues can be reflected either through emotional needs or needs for physical security. The reason for this need is clear: you see the larger possibilities, yet are unable (yet) to bring them fully into realization here on Earth. The need for security can be a large motivating force in your life, sometimes operating in subconscious ways that have been carried over from previous experience before you arrived on this planet. You have a sense that others need to care for you, and when they do not, you feel unsafe. However, you are completely competent and able to care for yourself. The area to watch in your personal growth is a tendency to subtly control others in order to feel more secure yourself; this type of control usually involves taking care of other's feeling state so that you do not experience their discomfort. You are also extremely vulnerable to feelings of rejection, and will most likely feel that any rejection is somehow your fault. And because you are empathic, if someone else is experiencing rejection, you will suffer also. But remember, it is not your responsibility, nor can you control, the emotional states of others. Simply maintain your own ability to return to a sense of emotional calm and peace, and you will automatically support that state in others.
The energy of Stillness also gives you a volcanic temper that is usually deeply under the surface, but can erupt whenever you feel ignored, unmet, overly controlled, frustrated, or insecure.
You have a natural personal power that is evident to others. Yet your outer personality is extremely private and reclusive. You value solitude and quiet highly. Because you are driven to lead a very busy life, time alone is precious to you. This is the time where you can quiet your many thoughts and receive the insights that inspire you and others.
You are quite organized, logical, and systematic in your approach to solving problems. Complicated systems of knowledge appeal to you, especially science, math, and mystic or spiritual knowledge. You are naturally hard working and have incredible endurance. You have a strong intellect and are very good at solving problems. You will work on a project for years without becoming bored by the routine or length of the project. Immense projects captivate, and you are dedicated to reach your goals no matter how long it takes. You approach life in an organized and structured way, giving you an ability to hold important and responsible positions in work.
Stillness energy is related to the planet Saturn, the planet that governs time and cycles. Saturn represents the principle of limits and structure and the dynamic tension required for expansion and growth. It is related to seriousness, security and control, a sense of right and wrong, and judgment. You may find some of these aspects are reflected within your outer personality, especially in your feelings of not being able to reach what you know is possible. You may feel frustrated and repressed by the outer world, as you know so much  more is possible, and you are most likely, quite impatient for the more spiritual reality to unfold. But remember that the energy that you carry offers the capacity to create order and form from your higher vision through fulfilling earthly responsibilities. You will experience the most sense of limitation whenever you are overstepping a boundary or neglecting a cosmic responsibility. The energy that makes you you leaves no room for self-deception or wishful thinking. You are here to bring the spiritual perspectives into form on this plane of existence.
Your karmic tendencies come from the first position in the Center. These are the attributes to which you may be blind, for they live deep within your unconscious, affecting you at levels of which you are unaware. Those born with this karmic pattern tend to be direct, assertive, and intense. You may even be combative with others to make a point that is important to you. You may have difficulty with leadership, quickly moving to the center to lead and then, because your natural empathy causes you to feel everyone else's feelings, become unable to assure that others follow your leadership. Your goal is always to reach exceptionally high standards, and your dedication to achieving those goals can be so direct and intense that you do not understand when others are not as interested or involved as you are in working towards the goals. To work with this karmic pattern, you will need to work with your frustration levels. Learn to slow down and accept that others have their own pace in reaching goals of healing or unity. Use your deep understanding of quiet and stillness to nurture yourself when you feel frustrated by the lack of response from others. You can and do show others what is possible, but you cannot change them. It is up to each individual to make changes within himself or herself.
Your Year of Birth influence is 7 Wind. This is a Northern energy. Those born under the influence of Northern energy experience life on this planet as a difficult environment that stimulates intelligent adaptation. You are adept at finding ways to preserve yourself through adjusting, modifying, and working with what is in any given moment. Being born into this energy makes you most fit to survive whatever changes may come. You are more mentally focused and quite able to invent ingenious survival techniques that actually make life feel like it is worth living!
If you look at the directional influence of all the energies that make you you (for we are oriented by direction here on Earth), you will see that you have a double influence of Northern energy (the energy that stimulates growth through meeting challenges), a Western influence (which brings deep awareness of possibilities and transcendence), and a Central energy (which regulates balance between all the Universal and Earth energies). You do not have any Southern energy in your chart, so that is an energy you can explore through your experience of others, if you choose.


Understanding the energies also helps us understand our connections to others, as each of us is a play of certain energy manifesting into form. Relationships can be best navigated by understanding their energy and how it relates to you. You will automatically share a worldview with others who were born under the influence of Venus as the Morning Star. In fact, you will have a world view that is more like those who carry Morning Star influences much more than those who carry Evening Star influences. Yet other considerations affect how you interact with the energies of others. Below are some guidelines about directional vibration, but always remember that each person and day are made up of many aspects. The direction carries strong energy, but it is not the ONLY influence. The directional energy merely helps you know with which vibration you are working and how to interact with its gifts.
You resonate with the vibration of the color blue and the Western direction. You will feel more empowered on days that carry that energy and around others who share Western energy in their charts. This energy empowers you to be Who You really Are. The blue vibration is associated with the energy of trust, and you will find yourself more trusting of life and the universe on Western days and around people who carry Western energy.
Although you have no Southern energy in your makeup, you are very compatible with energy from the South. You may feel intrigued around people who carry this energy or during days that hold this energy. The color yellow, which carries the energy of joy and illumination, is related to Southern energy.
You will find people and days that carry Northern energy to be most mysterious, yet also empowering to you. Within the mystery you may find gifts or opportunities to expand your awareness of possibilities. The color white, which reflects truth, always helps you enter the mystery.
The most challenging direction for you is the East, and people with  Eastern energy in their makeup offer you the most challenges. Because your makeup is that of Stillness, you may feel agitated or frustrated around too much of the color red, which is the energy of movement.


There is another idea, new to modern cultures but familiar to the Maya, of periods of "energetic build up," called "Burner Cycles."
These energies affect us much like being in a "pressure cooker," for we may suddenly find that everything in our experience (emotional and physical) seems much more intense. These are places where certain patterns of energy have accumulated to a point of overflow and must be expressed. Our job is to find a new way to express them, while breaking old patterns of reaction to our experience. These periods of "build up" and "release" occur approximately every 60 days individually, and once or twice a year for the collective consciousness of humanity. These are our opportunities to clear our shadows and to advance on our evolutionary journey. The build up most often includes feelings of anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, or grief that during these times overflow onto others as they arise within us. The job is to channel them differently and constructively by changing our thoughts and our moods. Sadly, most of us miss these chances because (1) we are not aware that the "difficulties" we are experiencing are opportunities, and (2) we are so inured in painful patterns than we cannot see our way to do something differently. I feel that understanding our personal Burner Cycles is the most potent place to work for personal growth and transformation.
Burner Cycles give us an increased opportunity to break away from beliefs and patterns of behaviors that no longer work in our lives. Each person has an individual Burner Cycle, specific to the transformations needed and the work she or he is here to do.  Because they are signaled by discomfort or emotional "signposts" that "something is wrong" we may feel at these times as though we are being hit with many challenges. We may feel "off kilter" or out of balance. Sometimes we may be shocked by something we thought we were through with as it re-surfaces. As we begin to see the patterns emerge and we become aware of certain periods of "intensity" in our lives, we can see how the universe presents us circumstances to help us "burn away" the shadows of what no longer serves in order to move forward. While we may become aware of profound or intense reactions to life, our job is to learn to suspend judgment and mitigate our response to what is occurring, in order to learn how we ourselves are out of balance. We are responsible for making positive changes ourselves, as we become increasingly aware.
We spiral through each Burner Cycle counterclockwise, apparently with each cycle designed to further help us unwind the patterns that no longer serve us or humanity, giving us a chance to unwind the karma or deep patterns that are no longer effective in our lives. Burner Cycles affect us most deeply at an emotional level during this energetic period, as our emotions signal us to discover what is out of balance. Burner Cycles offer opportunities to do the deep cleansing the soul needs for forward progress. Going into them with intentional awareness helps to soften the challenges that are presented. Meeting each challenge with gratitude for the opportunity to BE different and with the courage to change whatever no longer works supports our growth.
To monitor and work with the energy potentials of your Burner Cycle, begin watching the energy about 10 days before the actual Burner Day (listed below). The energies intensify around us at the beginning of a Burner Cycle, and at some point during the cycle, a release or a shift of some kind will likely occur. This is the point where you may experience an increase in emotional tension. If you pay attention to what you feel about what is occurring and consciously respond differently, you may begin to break old patterns and to change what is out of balance in your life.
You may notice that the flow of Burner Cycle work moves from Individual, to Community, to Global, to Universal awareness. There are clues to how to work within these energetic periods also. In the individual periods, learn to flow like water. In the community periods, learn that you can transcend whatever is occurring through your own attitudes. In the Global periods (which are most closely aligned with the energy of your birth and therefore are your biggest areas in which to work), learn to really understand the difference between what is real and what is illusion. There is magic in this discovery! In the Universal periods, you must quiet your mind and work on listening to your intuition. Your heart has all the answers.
Each burner cycle holds a particular theme that is relevant to you, and it will present over and over until you transcend it on all levels. It will present to you from viewpoints of Individual Awareness, Community Awareness, Global Awareness, and Universal Awareness. You may become aware of the issues which are specific to you, as they rotate through your life, presenting in familiar patterns periodically. Look at the suggestions for each period, noting the similarities during periods that are marked by the same energies. The actual cycle of personal work begins 10 days prior to the listed "Burner Day."
Your Burner Cycles follow your Light Pulse energy, guiding you to what is most necessary for your own evolution. Because your Light Pulse is a Universal Energy of Reflecting and Self-Regulating, you will always begin by looking at the more universal perspective, as you bring things down into yourself for change. Even now, as you are first exposed to the idea of "Burner Cycles," in your first Burner Cycle will address things that are Universal in consciousness. You will experience a stronger urge for unity and a sense of restlessness. You may tend to be overly frustrated with the way things are in the world and critical of things that do not work. There is a strong urge to cut through anything that does not feel real or true, and cutting away illusions can bring powerful transformative experiences. What you must work through is any tendency to criticize yourself or to project what you see on others, criticizing them. Explore your own emotions to find internal harmony. Cooperate and share without expectations of outcome or judgment of performance. Ten days before your Burner Day of January 3rd, you will enter into this energy. It is the starting point for your awareness of and participation with Burner Cycles for personal growth.
Your next Burner Cycle is Individual in nature, and you will likely feel everything at a very personal level. The energy of this Cycle matches the energy of your outer personality, which has such a strong inclination for quiet and stillness. You may feel more challenged in the outer world during these Individual cycles, because your natural impulse is to turn inwards for quiet listening. Additionally, you may be more aware of feeling limited, feeling insecure, or finding yourself stuck in old patterns of thoughts or beliefs. You may feel either emotionally or physically insecure during these periods. The solution is simple, yet often difficult to obtain when you may be feeling so out of balance: Trust the universe to provide what you need and open yourself to receive unimagined possibilities.
Your next Burner Cycle will move you into the level of Community Consciousness. Here you will be inclined to want to fight for what is important to you. You may feel yourself experiencing the turbulence and tension that is necessary for growth at a heightened level. Relationships of all kinds may challenge you. Your work during this cycle is to be sure there is no energy of competition or a "need to be right." Instead, work towards finding a unified view through seeing all aspects of every situation and sending unconditional love into all controversy.
The next Burner Cycle takes you to the Global level of consciousness, where you will likely find fault with everything that is not working in the world. The energy of this period is to explore, express, and improve everything. The challenge during this Burner Cycle is that you will likely judge everything and everyone, constantly finding fault or feeling competitive because of your ability to see that things could be so much better. You may feel a need to persuade others that you are right or to force your opinions about how things "should be" on everyone. In this energy, you may express criticism of everything or feel unsatisfied with anything. This is a very competitive energy, and only those who are born to correct the energy of constant judgment and competition on this planet have Burner Cycles during this particular energy. YOU ARE HERE TO BREAK THROUGH THE COLLECTIVE PATTERNS OF JUDGMENT AND COMPETITION! The way to  work with this Burner Energy is to monitor your thoughts and be sure that you discern differences around you rather than judging them. Remember that everything has a purpose and even the dark serves the light. Dynamic tension, as we push through our attachment to polarized viewpoints and beliefs, is necessary for our growth. Accept and do not judge.
You have something else exceedingly interesting and unusual in your Burner Cycle patterns, and that is that those Burner Cycles in Universal Energy will always coordinate with the Burner Cycles of the Collective of the Planet (Core Days, as defined below.) These are intense periods of personal growth for both you individually and for the Collective of humanity. There may be periods of social unrest or periods where you can feel waves of challenge or change sweeping across the planet, while you yourself are experiencing inner waves of challenge and change. The energies of these times are exceedingly intense, and only those who are here with the specific purpose of stopping our collective pattern of judging and competing through attachment to duality have chosen to enter their own work simultaneously with the work of the masses. WHAT YOU DO DURING THESE PERIODS MATTERS FOR THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY.
Burner Days and the work they offer are listed for the next two cycles of your personal burner work:
* January 3, 2015 - Universal: REFLECT & SELF-REGULATE
  Work: Tendency to be overly critical. Seeing the self or projecting on others.
  Solution: Explore the signposts of your own emotions to find internal harmony. Cooperate and share without expectations or judgment.
March 9, 2015- Individual- STILLNESS
  Work: Deep need for emotional and physical security. Be willing to work hard to break through structures of old beliefs.
  Solution: Trust the universe to provide.
May 13, 2015- Community- LOVE
  Work: Tendency to fight for one's viewpoint, competing to be right in order to reach a state of love.
  Solution: Goals that support a unified view, seeing all aspects of the situation with unconditional love.
July 17, 2015 - Global- EXPLORE, EXPRESS, IMPROVE-
  Work: A very competitive energy. Tendency to judge everyone and everything. Need to persuade others to your way.
  Solution: Be more kind, grateful, and accepting.
* September 20, 2015-Universal: REFLECT & SELF- REGULATE
  Work: Tendency to be overly critical. Seeing the self or projecting on others.
  Solution: Explore the signposts of your own emotions to find internal harmony.Cooperate and share without expectations or judgment.
November 24, 2015 Individual- STILLNESS
  Work: Deep need for emotional and physical security. Be willing to work hard to break through structures of old beliefs.
  Solution: Trust the universe to provide.
January 28, 2016 Community- LOVE
  Work: Tendency to fight for one's viewpoint, competing to be right in order to achieve love.
  Solution: Goals that support a unified view, seeing all aspects of the situation with unconditional love.
April 2, 2016 Global- EXPLORE, EXPRESS, IMPROVE-
  Work: A very competitive energy. Tendency to judge everyone and everything. Need to persuade others to your way.
  Solution: Be more kind, grateful, and accepting.
* Burner periods most closely aligned with the energy of your birth.


For 5.000 years, we have moved through a somewhat predictable presentation of energies, in various combinations. The Pleiadians tell us that they gave the Maya an understanding of the sequential presentation that was incorporated into the Mayan Calendar (which was never about time; it was always about energy!)  For 5.000 years as we moved through the linear presentation of energies in our experiences, these energies presented in a cyclical rotation, moving counter clock-wise from East, North, West, to South every four days.
According to the Pleiadians, this has now changed. Since 2012, all energies are presented simultaneously, yet the shadow of their linear progression still affects how we view reality. Part of the shift we are being asked to make for our own evolution has to do with being able to see the possibilities in all the energy that is here for our evolution, rather than relying on our past experience to define our reality. Each of the presenting energies have now merged into the multidimensional presentation that gives us access to all possibilities.
However, while we are learning about energy, for energetic understanding is an evolving field for humanity, you may follow the shadows of linear progression that still form an overlay on our third dimensional reality. This will help you deepen your perception of what is real by noticing each energy. If you wish to explore the energies in this way to better understand them, you may count each direction on the Gregorian Calendar. Begin with any day, determine its directional energy, and then move forward on the calendar counter-clockwise to determine what energy would be arriving next if it were still progressing linearly.
Example: November 24, 2014 carries the Western energy of Stillness, so November 25 carries a Southern energy. November 26 has an Eastern flavor, and November 27 vibrates with a Northern energy. The rotation begins with a Western energy again on November 28.
Using this as your reference point, you can mark your own calendars and begin to follow the directional energies of each day, exploring the way each energy feels and seeking its gifts in each present moment. You may begin to better understand why some days offer more challenges for your particular energy or more resonance with your particular energy. This way of understanding energy helps us to stop blaming people for discordant situations, simply by learning to see the challenge of the energy rather than seeing any particular person or situation as being problematic. Understanding energy in this way shifts our inner perspective and helps us to cope with the outer world in a new and more creative way.
Eastern energies bring new beginnings and initiate movement.
Northern energies bring strength to move through challenges (often felt as the challenges themselves appear). Western energies bring deep awareness of mystery, possibility, and transcendence. Southern energies bring light and growth.
You may also count the presentations of the Universal energies 1-13. (specific characteristics are listed above) and learn how each of these energies feels.
Example: November 24 carries a Universal energy of 5 (change), November 25 carries the energy of 6 (flow), etc. until December 2, which carries the Universal energy of 13 (completing). Begin counting at 1 (initiation) again the following day, December 3.
You are counting through two cycles simultaneously: the Universal Energies and the Earth Energies (directional) Understanding the presentation of these energies can support and guide your navigation through them, navigating challenges more consciously by blending your own gifts into the gifts of the day!


Portal days are days that hold the integration of two cycles merging together to create a more accelerated and defined destiny. They affect all of the Collective Consciousness, not just us individually. We feel things more intensely on Portal Days. Because all energies are now available to us, the effect of Portal energy is also more intense now. I have calculated the Portal Days for the rest of 2014 and all of 2015:
November 18
November 29
December 4
December 7 December 17-26

January 26 (3 Cimi)- February 4
February 14 (9 Chicchan)
February 17 (12 Lamat)
February 22 (4 Ben)
February 25 (7 Cib)
March 5 (2 Kan)
March 10 (7 Muluc)
March 25 (8 Akbal)
March 31 (2 Oc)
April 1 (3 Chuen)
April 8 (10 Etz'nab)
April 12 (1 Ik)
May 1 (7 Imix)
May 20 (13 Ahau)
May 21 (1 Imix)
June 9 (7 Ahau)
June 11 (9 Ik)
June 28 (13 Cauac)
July 2 (4 Akbal)
July 9 (11 Oc)
July 10 (12 Chuen)
July 17 (6 Etz'nab)
July 23 (12 Kan)
July 28 (4 Muluc)
July 31 (7 Eb)
August 5 (12 Caban)
August 13 (7 Chicchan)
August 16 (10 Lamat)
August 21 (2 Ben)
August 24 (5 Cib)
August 29 (5 Cauac)
September 3 (2 Cimi)- September 12
October 13 (3 Cimi)- October 22
November 1 (9 Chicchan)
November 4 (12 Lamat)
November 9 (4 Ben)
November 12 (7 Cib)
November 20 (2 Kan)
November 25 (7 Muluc)
November 28 (10 Eb)
December 3 (2 Caban)
December 9 (8 Akbal)
December 16 (2 Oc)
December 17 (3 Chuen)
December 24 (10 Etz'nab)December 28 (1 Ik)


Core Days are the Burner Days for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. Core Days present us with a brief window of experience where all illusion is peeled away to the core, offering a way for us collectively to rebuild our reality from the truth. The intensity that occurs during Core Days affects all of humanity, and it is often during these energetic periods that profound change is made at a global level. Core Days always include the arrival of the Universal energy 4 (Foundation) and the window of opportunity closes with the Universal energy of 10 (Manifestation). During these intense periods of global challenge, we are given the opportunity to strip away everything that does not work and rebuild from the Core in order to manifest something better.
Core Days for 2014 have already occurred (April 14 - May 5.) Core Days will occur twice in 2015:  January 1 - January 20, 2015 and September 18 - October 7, 2015.  During these intense periods of Core Days, we may notice increased intensity in our personal world (emotionally, physically, mentally, or functionally) or in the structures of our collective Third Dimensional World. Because, since 2012, we now have all energies present and available to us simultaneously, the intensity of Core days may feel even more chaotic, as old structures crumble and new ones come into being. We may feel out of control as we either resist the changes or spiral into new ways of being. Yet by simply changing our perspective and opening our hearts, the core of the true reality is available for us to experience in any moment, with no illusion. Therefore the experience of Core Days and how they affect us individually and collectively need not be so overwhelming. Through stilling our thoughts and entering into the wisdom contained in our hearts, we can remember the truth.
As time does not really exist in the greater reality, we can best proceed by viewing every day as a Core Day, therefore keeping the wisdom of our hearts close in our awareness in each present moment; this way of being will help to keep us balanced, calm, and focused on the work we are here to do for the evolution of humanity.
Enjoy your explorations into Love, Trust, Joy, and Compassion.  We have everything we need when we accept and participate with these energies!
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