Channel No 8

von Celia Fenn
am 03.03.2011  

Channel für Christina Dorothea Müller
No 8

geb. 15. Oktober 1953
in Deutschland

Originaltext deutsche Übersetzung von Christina Müller
Beloved Christina, this is Archangel Michael that comes to be with you. It is with delight and joy that we once again enjoy being in your presence and sharing this time with you.  We find joy in your work and your service to the Light!  
We begin first with a few comments regarding your life and the energies of this time, and then we will answer those specific questions that you have put before us.  
At this time in your life, Beloved Soul, you are moving more and more into that position of wisdom and power that is your destiny on the Earth in this lifetime.  You are indeed a Wise Woman with the power of many years of life and experience, and you are in the position where you are a beacon of Light and Power for those around you and those in your community.  
It is most important for you now to develop Inner Peace and Strength to support and Balance the Inner Power that you posses.  Beloved, as the Earth passes through her Changes and Transformations, it is indeed important that the Leaders, such as yourself, remain calm and balanced and so are enabled to create a similar calm and balance in others as the Earth passes through the energetic turbulence that will accompany the alignments in the next 18 months.  
For yourself, dearest Christina, you are entering a time when you will be challenged to expand and grow your spiritual service so that you may be more effective and powerful in serving the Light.  You will need to create new spiritual structures for your work and new ways of dealing with and attracting people to you so that you may share your wisdom and your gifts with them.  
Beloved, your purpose is Leadership, and as such you are healing your relationship with the Masculine power.  This is the Masculine power that is expressed within so that you may create a harmonious relationship with the Masculine power in the external reality.  Indeed, as the New Reality becomes established, it will be essential that you express your Leadership energies in harmony with the New Masculine energy.  This is an energy that is powerful and loving, and yet is also gentle and considerate and supportive.  The power is expressed in decisive action and responsibility, the support in allowing those that you lead to express who they are and to be who they are within the space that you create for them.  Those who express leadership in the New Energy will assist others to feel safe and secure and loved, through providing these energies and feelings in their own lives and in the work that they do.  This is every bit as important as expressing the “mother” energy of unconditional love and compassion.  
Now, we would add, Beloved Christina, that it is so important that those who are wise and awakened such as yourself, should devote their Light to assisting in this Transformation process on the Earth.  It makes no difference if you call it Ascension or the Ninth Wave, it is a major challenge of evolution and transformation that requires the assistance of all who were sent to the Earth with this purpose.  
Now, Beloved Christina, let us now focus on those questions that you have placed before us at this time.  
Now, your first question concerns the reactions to your picture that was posted.  Let us say, at the beginning, that as you become more widely known, you cannot expect that everyone will agree with you and accept your vision of life.  Indeed, it is free will and diversity of opinion that is so important in the New Reality.  But, at this time, when all things are being transformed and changed, many people are feeling this change on a deep level, and they feel vulnerable and uncertain and even fearful.  These emotions tend to make them aggressive and angry, and they express these emotions in ways that are not always appropriate.  
We would suggest, dearest Christina, that you learn to accept such rudeness and arrogance with compassion.  If you see the fear that motivates such remarks, and you respond with love, humor and compassion, then you will release the negative “charge” that comes with such comments.  Or, you can just ignore them, and you always have the option to delete them!  Such are the benefits of free will and choice.  
Dear Christina, there is, right now, and energy of deep fear and anxiety in Germany, related to the economic stress and the political events in the Middle East.  The German collective psyche is very stressed, and that means that even Lightworkers are coming to feel this deep stress and fear.  But, when this happens, it is your work to maintain your balance and stay in Peace and Calm, for that is what will assist the Collective to regain its balance despite the external pressures that accompany this shift.


We encourage you also to continue to express your creative vision as you see best and in a way that expresses who you are.  It is so important now that those who are awakened express themselves in a way that is sincere, authentic and filled with their own individual Divine Essence.  Authentic and filled with soul, your soul and your creativity and light, and whatever that means to you.  When that soul light is expressed it is powerful, so powerful that it may arouse fear and anger in those who are unable to express their light in a soul-full way!  
So, if you have this vision of a network of hearts, then you need to express it in such a way that it makes sense to you and expresses what your soul sees.  And the Light and the Joy will draw to you those who experience and express a similar vision.  
Now, your second question concerns the workshops that you offer and the reason why there are not “enough” participants.  So, we would like to discuss several issues with you.  First, when you begin to do such work, your Higher Self is very protective, and will not allow you to take on more than your Soul and your Energy field can handle at this time.  There are many people who begin well as Spiritual Teachers, but then take on too much and burn themselves out.  This does harm to the physical vehicle and the Light Bodies.  So, at the beginning, your Higher Self will only allow you to work with as many people as you can cope with in a balanced way.  
But then, also, there is the issue of authenticity and sincerity.  There is much power in Shamanistic work and there are many techniques of the Shaman that can be brought into western practice with great benefit.  But, we will say in the most gentle way, that you are not an Indigenous person and that in attempting to imitate the indigenous Shamans you lose your power, in the same way that they lost their power when they tried to take on western ways.  
It is necessary to remember who you are and to blend the wisdom and techniques of the indigenous with those of your own community and people. This is what it means to be “authentic” and soul-full.  People are aware on a deep level when you are not expressing your authenticity and your truth of experience, and they are not drawn by such energy.  It is only when energy is deep and sincere and radiates the light of who you are, that people will be drawn to you.  
Of course it is good to work with others, and indeed in the New Earth this will be the pattern, where all will work together in Harmony and Balance.  But, it is also true, that in order to be able to be part of a group in a successful way, you need to also have a strong sense of yourself and who you are, and this is developed by focussing on your own work and developing your own strength and power.  What you express with the one called XXXX, is that her energy is overpowering you and you feel as though you are being abused and used.  Beloved Christina, you are not a victim and no one can abuse you without your permission. If she makes statements about you in public which are aimed at reducing your wisdom and power, then it seems that she feels threatened by you and is trying to put you in your place, or the place which she feels is best for you, which is second to her.  
All beings will develop Cosmic power in the New Reality.  It is unfortunate that there are those who still try to hold onto their sense of an “elite” by claiming that others are inferior.  You/We are all One, and those who do not recognize that will not be able to work and thrive in the New Reality of Light.  
Beloved Christine, we would recommend that you focus on your own work and presentations for a while, with a deep sincerity and a desire to express Cosmic truth through your own Soul and Spirit.  This will indeed draw to you those who resonate with your energy.  Please, be filled with Confidence and Trust, and know that you will be guided and supported as you learn how to express that which you are on a deep level....which is your Truth and your Light!  
We would also congratulate you on your success with your partnership with Horst.  Beloved, you have done well!  It is not possible to have “too much patience”...for with Love there is only patience and trust and acceptance of what the other is.  
And so, beloved Christina, we wish you well in your work and in your Journey as you begin to express the power of who and what you are.  Remember to be filled with Light, Compassion, forgiveness and Joy.  Remember to express the Deep Passion of who you are in a way that is filled with Soul.  Remember to be Love and Power....and the rest will fall into place for you!  
We thank you once again for your work and your power in the Light.  You are deeply loved and honoured in the realms of Light, and your name is known.  You are supported at all times, you need only ask and it is given.  
We leave you now with a Hug of Love and Light!  
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