Channel No 7

von Celia Fenn
am 01.05.2008  

Channel für Christina Dorothea Müller
No 7

geb. 15. Oktober 1953
in Deutschland

Originaltext deutsche Übersetzung von Christina Müller
Beloved Christina, this is ArchangelMichael who comes once again to share light with you at this time. It is our Joy to once again be with youand to offer what guidance and support that we may at this time. We feel that you are moving into atesting time in Germany, and that you and your fellow Lightworkers are having to takethe lead in creating the New Energy in your Country.  
So, first we would commend you for all thatyou do, and to say how much we appreciate your work and your efforts in the Light, and how much we are here to support you in each step that you take tobring in more light and more radiance at this crucial time of Change andTransformation. The Planet isindeed moving into a Higher Vibration of Consciousness, and it is Lightworkers who have offered to be the Leaders in helpingpeople to find their way in this new frequency of Love.  
So, we will begin by considering the caseof Petra Lachman. We can say that she is a brave Lightworker and that she has offered herself in the serviceof the Light. We feel also herpain, as she feels that she has been abandoned by Spirit, and that she is beingpersecuted for following the Light. We do indeed send her Love and Support, that she may remain strong and firm in her love of the Light.  
But, here we would offer a Higher perspective of what is occurring to her. We will say, that the greatest lesson that you are learning, is to move above the divisions of Duality, and the belief in “us” and “them”, into an acceptance of Oneness. Now, in Europe, in Germany, this is very strong. There is a long history of persecutionof women healers by the authorities as “witches” and “frauds”. And so this “shadow” persists in your collective memory, even as you shift into the new grids oflight. Petra has offered herself to assist in clearingthis pattern from your collective memory.  
Now, as Lightworkers, it is necessary that you begin to cease to look for the “persecutor”, and that you cease to be “victims”. You need to begin to stand up for yourrights, and to be responsible for how you exercise those rights. Petra is an educated and qualified doctor andhealer. She should be proud to besuch, and she should have ensured that she was fully able to practice as suchin Germany. Lightworkers are not above and beyond the law, and if they heal they must be qualified and accredited, and if they run abusiness then they must be prepared to pay income tax. It is a matter of Integrity, for peoplewill look at what you do and will judge Lightworkersby what they see, There are many “out there” who seek to defraud othersand to make money through deceit and deception, and it is not good that you, as Lightworkers, should be classed with thesepeople. You should be properly qualified and proud of your work, and proud to stand up and say so. So, in the case of Petra, it is merely that she needed to ensure that she was working within the legal requirements of her community.  
We can say that she will be assistedthrough this crisis, and that she will emerge with a fuller understanding ofwhat is required of those who serve in the Light. The pharmaceutical industry will not beable to touch those who work in the Light with full integrity of purpose. It is only when you are not fully inintegrity, with others and with yourself, that you become vulnerable to those who would attack you. And, as Lightworkers, as you emerge as Leaders within your communities, with new ways of healing and living, it is essential that these new ways alsobe ways of absolute integrity and honesty and transparency, for that is the wayof the future.  
So, we will say, beloved Christina, that you need only fear if you are not working with full integrity of intent andpurpose, and if you are vulnerable, and if you allow yourself to fall into the “shadow” drama of the persecuted woman healer. If you release and reject this shadowdrama, and you work in Light and Integrity of Purpose, then nothing will touchyou at any time, for you will be surrounded by radiant light and will be fullyprotected.  
For beloved Petra, who has chosen this path that others maylearn and make new choices, we ask that you continue to offer all the love andsupport that you can at this time. As she heals her path, so you will be healing this very old path of the persecuted woman healer, and you will be assisting togive strength and honor to women who heal and who do so with pride in theirwonderful work.  And this pride andjoy will allow all to honor what they achieve.  
Now, we will consider also your interest in the “Global Awareness” group. We will say that yes, indeed, such initiatives are in alignment with thework of Spirit at this time, and many of these groupings will arise with theintention of creating a sense of Global Oneness and Family. For indeed, beloved Christina, you are one Family, and these groups arise with the intention of creating an awarenessof the one Family on the planet.  
Again, we would say that there are those who fear the term “global” because they associate this term with economic “globalization” and the desire of the USA to colonize the planet in economic terms. We would just say that this is an attempt to create a distortion of a truth, and that it should not concern those who work in the Light. The idea of Global society and Global Harmony is one based on Love and Compassion, and has nothing to do witheconomic hegemony. So, when you work with such groupings, you should always ensure that their work is Love and Compassion, and not making money as a primary objective.  
Equally, we would say that the work is tobring people together in projects that create Joy and Abundance, and yesindeed, that the “healing” of the past is not necessary at this time. The New Grids are in placeand the New Energies await you. When you spend time and energy in these healing processes, you aremerely chasing and energizing “old ghosts” that belong to the old Energies. However, we realize that this is a matter of Choice, and that you, as Lightworkers, are entirely free to choose how you will work and what you will do at this time. We can only suggest where discernment might be required in your Choices.


Now, we will speak of your own work, and we will say also, beloved Christina, now is the time to release all the oldenergies of duality and all the old fears and superstitions, and to be entirely responsible for what you create and experience. If you feel “hatred” from this man we would ask why you feel the need to create this experience for yourself? Wewould ask why you have such enmity and anger with the male energy within yourself? Like Petra, we would ask, what old beliefs are you energizing in your community that lead to such division and pain within yourselves?  
Beloved Christina, you are an advanced Lightworker and a mature Leader, and so we speak to you inthis way, knowing that you will understand us and our meaning.  We would say, there are still some places within you that do not honor your Feminine self and so seek to destroy that which is feminine and that which is nurturing andcreative. The drama is within you, and you are the one seeking to heal the “hatred” within yourself, which of course is within the Collective Mind in your community.  
Beloved Christina, the pain on your Rightside is a further evidence of the stress and pain of your Masculineenergy. The masculine energy must change, you must change how you feel and respond from your masculine energy. You must choose to release negativeenergies of fear and hate and anger from your masculine being, and then the se will be released from your creations of the masculine energy in your life, forthese are simply projections of your own feelings and perceptions.  
So, beloved Christina, we know you willalso understand when we say, it is so vital that Lightworkers release the superstitions and fears of the past. For one Lightworkerto say to another that they are working with “black magic” is tore inforce the old superstitions of the middle ages. When will be the witch burnings, or arethey just going to ask for their money back this time? Beloved Christina, how our heart acheswhen we see and hear such things! Where is the Love and the trust and the support of Family of Light. Why are you being pulled into these shadow dramas of old fears and superstitions thatundermine all that you are as family of Light.  
Beloved Chrsitina,we know that such things occur because the old Energies are being displaced from your Consciousness, and you are being forced to consider each and every choice that you make as Family of Light. We ask that you allow the new energies of radiant Love and Compassion tobe a part of every choice that you make. Clear away all the old energies and choose only Love, Compassion and Integrity of Purpose. You are aLeader and we know that you can make these choices and be a shining example toothers at this time of Change and Transformation.  
Choose for Love, Beloved Christina, and allelse will follow. Choose for Abundance and Joy and Peace, and all else will follow. Love yourself and your inner Maleenergy, and all else will follow. Be at Peace, for I am with You and I am helping you to make these changes, so that you will emerge as a Beacon of Light forall!  
And so, Beloved One, we leave you with ahug of Light and Love. You aresupported and loved more than you can imagine, and we do deeply appreciate yourdaily service to the Light!  
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