Channel No 6

von Celia Fenn
am 06.03.2008  

Channel für Christina Dorothea Müller
No 6

geb. 15. Oktober 1953
in Deutschland

Originaltext deutsche Übersetzung von Christina Müller

Dearest Christina, this is Archangel Michael that comes to be with you and to share light and information with you again.  We are indeed joyful to be of service to you in the Light once again.


We see, beloved Christina, that you have been working very hard for the light in the time since we last spoke with you. We are appreciative that you have taken so joyfully to your task of Leadership, and that you are showing great Passion for your work. Know that this is a very tumultuous and turbulent time, as the old gives way to the new, and it is very difficult for those who carry the new energy to be able to feel themselves in the flow of their own power. But know, that it will come, and that it is your work to hold your Power in your Center and continue to be the Radiant source of Light that you are.


So, we will now consider those questions that you have given to us for our consideration at this time.


So, you ask why people are afraid of you, and we will smile a little. Indeed, people have always been afraid of the Solar Power of the Divine Feminine, both in women and in themselves. It is one of the frequencies that was destroyed in the old Earth, and one that is causing the most “disturbance” as it returns. Women who are Strong, Powerful and Creative, make people uneasy. They do not understand that Unconditional Love can also be Powerful and Radiant.


You see, dearest Christina, in the present time, people tend to think of love as something that is always expressed through the feminine as gentle, nurturing and soft. But, in truth, love can also be expressed as Power and Radiance. Now, in your case, you have both energies in your heart, but people are overawed and blinded by the power that radiates from you.


So, you might ask what you can do. Well, we would say that we enjoy your Radiance and Power, and we would certainly not ask you to diminish these in your Being and your Work. The Planet needs women who are Passionate and Creative and Caring. But, we would say, perhaps you can work a little with learning to be more compassionate in that you begin to feel more what the other person is also feeling. Often, you see others as representing the “old energy”, and you see this in a defensive way. Well, we will say, be aware that there is not a person on this planet who is not aware that things are changing and that they must change. Often when they defend their own ways, it is out of fear, and their fear is intensified because you represent what must be changed to them. So, if you are more accepting of their “good intentions”, you will find that they will be more accepting of yours. For, in truth, the New Earth energy is not about combating the old energies. This is a waste of time. These energies are falling away…your energies are better directed in creating the New….


So, if you focus on what you wish to create in Love, and do not allow yourself to confront people’s fears or become the mirror of those fears, then you will find that people will be more able to respond to the love in your heart.


For, in truth, beloved Christina, many people are feeling stuck and anxious at this time, because their hearts are filled with the love of the new energy, but they are still living their lives in the old habitual patterns of the mental energies of the past, and that includes many beloved Lightworkers. But, this is in Divine Order, for you are helping others to see how they may shift from their mental focus on life to a heart focus, where they can feel and perceive the “oneness” of all things. It is only when you are fully “situated” in your heart that you are able to flow the energy from Source and into the Abundant reality of Oneness that is the principle focus of the Fifth Dimension.


So, we will say that how you resolve this “gap” between your Inner Reality and your Outer World in your life, will be the way that you “ascend”. For, when you are able to align the love in your heart with the love in your outer world, then you will be indeed and ascended master, for the inner heaven of love will be reflected in the outer world.


In this world, many people have been trained to give and give and give, and to receive very little in return. These old patterns have allowed the Earth to become a place where most people give more than they receive. So, learning to find the balance and to be open to receiving as much as you give, is the new pattern that people are struggling with at this time. Being open to receive from others also allows them to feel more open to you, for when a person is only giving and giving, then the other person has no function other than to receive, and there is no exchange. So, when you allow an exchange of energy, then you set up a flow between the hearts of those with whom you are connected and with whom you have dealings.


So, let us speak a little about the pictures. Indeed, we see that you create powerful images that carry a very potent energy, and we do congratulate you for being such a powerful channel for higher wisdom, beloved Christina. But, once again it is the Power in itself that frightens those who must “make money” in this old economic system. They look for work that carries the “expected” spiritual energy and that is “beautiful” and “sweet” and “loving” in conventional ways. Your work is powerful, and activates powerful energies that can make people feel uncomfortable if they are not ready to deal with their inner power at this time, and many are not. So, we would say, do not be discouraged, your time will come, and it is just a question of being patient.

So , lass uns nun ein wenig über die Bilder sprechen. In der Tat, wir sehen, dass Du sehr kraftvolle Bilder erschaffst, die eine sehr potente Energie tragen und wir gratulieren Dir dafür, dass Du so ein kraftvoller Kanal für höhere Weisheit bist, geliebte Christina. Aber wiederum ist es so, dass die Kraft in sich selbst solche Leute ängstigt, die in dem alten ökomomischen System „Geld machen“ müssen. Sie schauen nach solcher Arbeit, die die „Erwarteten“ spirituellen Energien tragen, die „schön“ und „süß“ und „lieblich“ im üblichen Sinne sind. Deine Arbeit ist kraftvoll und aktiviert ebensolche kraftvollen Energien. Diese können Menschen dazu bringen, sich unwohl zu fühlen, wenn sie noch nicht bereit sind sich ihrer inneren Kraft zu stellen. Und viele sind das noch nicht. So, wir würden sagen, dass Du Dich nicht entmutigen lassen solltest. Deine Zeit wird kommen. Es ist nur eine Frage der Geduld.

We would also suggest that you do not focus so much on money as a motivator. Focus on your work, and seek to rise above the money system, as it falls away and becomes less relevant to life. Know that if you focus into the present moment and do not think about money, you will find that your heart will open and you will experience such a flow of love and light, and that will be translated into financial flow in a rapid way.


Dearest Christina, we can only say, that in this new energy, those who are focused in the Mental bodies and the economic system will have a very bad time. Those who focus in the Heart and believe in miracles, will feel themselves flowing into new levels of experience and joy. For most, their lives will teeter between the two for a while, until they learn to let go of the anxiety and stress and just allow themselves to flow freely in the warm abundance of the Creative Love of Source. It will take time, but it will be achieved, and your work as a Lightworker and Leader is to allow yourself to flow with these new currents of Love and Joy in your life.


Now, we also smile when you seem almost indignant about the “pornographic” closure of your site. Beloved Christina, yes indeed people are afraid of anything that allows others to become free, especially in the expression of their sexual energy. To those who have this fear, the ability to discern what is “pornography” and what is spiritual information is lost. Do not be angry, for this is just the outward expression of an energy that seeks to control others through imposing its own point of view on the lives of others. Know that you have moved on, and that you will create a new reality on your new website.


This fear is also tied in with the expression of power, for sexual energy in its “free” state is powerful. And we do not mean promiscuous, but free to be an expression of the Divine Energy. As you integrate the Grail Codes into your lives, you will find that your sexual energy will become more powerful and more free flowing. You will become ever more aware of your sexual energy, and your need to express this energy either through service or through a loving relationship with One who can be the Beloved for You.


Now, when you ask about ascension, we would say that indeed, every being on the Planet is in the process of Ascension. As we would see it, this process is complete…the Earth rests in her new Matrix of the Fifth Dimensions and all sentient beings are activating their Light Bodies and allowing the deep changes in their physical bodies. But this process is going as slowly or as quickly as each being can tolerate. So, it may seem chaotic and it may seem dark at times, but this turbulence is just the evidence of great change that is unfolding at the pace that it needs to. Know that All is in Divine Order and that all goes as well as it needs to at this time. So, we would say that your question reflects your inner understanding of the nature of this process at this time.


We have just seen that we have missed one of your questions, and so we will answer that one now. You ask about the big “No” energy that you feel at some times. Well Beloved one, this is an old energy pattern, and it comes from many lifetimes of struggle on Planet Earth. As Earth fell away from her original purpose of perfection and joy, it became more and more difficult for souls to be here in human bodies. And so, on a deep level, the soul may seek to be free of this earthly existence and to return to the freedom of the Light. So, the negation of life is an old soul response to suffering on Earth. The way to work with this energy and to be able to overcome it is to allow yourself to know that you are moving into Heaven on Earth, and that you no longer need to struggle and fear. Allow your soul to be at peace, and to know that this journey on the Earth is a grand adventure of Light and Love and that there is nothing to fear at any time. So, have Courage, and know that this time of change will pass and humanity will be re-birthed into a wonderful new golden age of light.


So, beloved Christina, we do thank you for your time with us, and for your continued support of the work that we do on the Planet at this time. Know that you are always greatly Loved and Appreciated. We give you a Hug of Radiant Light.

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