Channel No 5

von Celia Fenn
am 26.01.2008  

Channel für Christina Dorothea Müller
No 5

geb. 15. Oktober 1953
in Deutschland

Originaltext deutsche Übersetzung von Christina Müller

Dearest Christina, this is Archangel Michael that comes to be with you and to share with you at this time. We understand the difficult times that you are passing through right now, and we are indeed happy that we can be of assistance once again.


And so, we will get right to the point of your questions, and speak about the physical and mental imbalances that you are experiencing right now. We do offer our Love and Support, but we will say quite plainly, dearest one, that you are afraid and you are hiding away from what needs to be done. This goes along with feelings of exhaustion and stress and futility.


So, let us explain what we mean. We will begin with the exhaustion and the stress, which is causing the physical imbalances, as you go through a period of deep cleansing.


In the last few years, you have indeed grown and changed at an accelerated pace, as you have found your own way and also tried to help others to find their way. At the same time, you have held a job that has demanded much of your time and attention and focus.


We can say, dearest Christina, that the pressure on your being has been immense, and your body and your mind are now telling you that you are in need of rest and relaxation. So, often the only way that the body can achieve that is for you to become ill and allow yourself the time and the space for balancing and recuperation of your energies.


So we ask that you allow your body this time to regenerate. But, now we will also explain why the fear within you is causing confusion at this time.


There are two flows of energy that are beginning to be felt on the Planet, and both have positive outcomes. The first is the amplification of the New Male energy of Love, Gentleness and Support, that goes along with organization and structure. This energy is greatly needed for the restructuring of the Global Economy that is to take place in the next few years.


Yes, dearest soul, your Planet is about to experience a major restructuring that will create abundance for all. In order to do this, the old system that created lack and poverty for most of Earth’s peoples will need to be removed. This means that those who live in the wealthy nations will be under pressure to reduce their consumption of resources, which will be felt as “lack” by those who are not awakened. This will create panic and anxiety and stress amongst those who have become used to living at a certain non-sustainable level that must be reorganized in a more loving and nurturing way.


Dearest Christina, you live in a wealthy nation and you are in a position of power in that nation. Your work as a Lightworker has only just begun. But you are afraid of the challenges and so you decide to “hide” at home and be a healer. Dearest Christina, you did not choose your Father and your training and your years of experience so that you could sit at home and be a healer to a few people. No, we are going to tell you quite plainly that you chose these things so that you could be an effective force in the restructuring of the Earth at this time. It does no good to “hide”. Previously, there were options for choices, but now, at this time, the choices have been made and you are asked to go forward in your work to assist the Many, not just the Few.


Dearest Christina, on a deep level, as a woman, you are saying…”I cannot do this …. let me rather stay at home and nurture and “mother” people, after all, I am a woman and I can be a “mother”. Yes indeed, you can, but that is not what you were called to the planet to achieve. You came to be a Divine Goddess and a Spiritual Warrior. You came to assist the Earth in her transformation. You cannot sit back now and say…I want to stay at home!!


Dearest one, do not be afraid. We know there are challenging times coming, but we know too that you have the ability to flow with the challenges and to find the answers.


We know that you say to yourself that it is the “people” and you cannot work with their energy. Dearest soul, do you not know that you are All One, and that they are You.  Can you open your Heart to embrace them and release the fear that keeps you in the old duality patterns of “us” and “them”?


In this phase of the Earth’s transformation, Lightworkers will have to accept that they can no longer withdraw into fantasy worlds and play with each other. Right now the work is to assist and guide the Planet in this crucial phase of her evolution. Each Lightworker who has reached a position of Skill and Prominence at this time was placed there by Spirit in order to be a Force for change at this time. It is crucial that each of You understand this, and that you go out and do your work fearlessly and with confidence and with Love.


You cannot fail, we will not allow you to fail. There is too much invested by Spirit and by the Human Collective to allow for failure. At this time, you will find that you are being pushed and moved forward with urgency. Of course, if you find that the work is too much, then you will be released. No one is ever asked to do more than they are capable of. But, we know that once you move past your fears and resistances, that you will see that you are capable of being a powerful force for Positive Change because you are in a powerful place.


So, dearest Christina, we ask that you rest and find peace in your Heart. And release the fear, and allow yourself to be strong and fearless. You have activated the power of the Solar Feminine Goddess energy, and now you can step into the Power of your New Masculine energy, Powerful and yet Gentle and Loving.


You will be a powerful force for change, just by your presence. Trust that you will be guided and shown what you need to do when the time is right.


And, as for money, you must know that you will always be protected and supported. If there appears to be a “lack”, then know it is an illusion and you are being asked to accept that you are assisting others to redefine what is necessary and what is excess. You are helping others to learn to live with Simplicity and Grace and without the need for more and more all the time.


You are being asked to accept, in your own heart, that you will always have what you need, and because you have that, you will have abundance. You are learning to see abundance as a blessing, and excess as greed, and you are learning to see the difference.


So, as we say, this will be a challenging year in which all your Skills as a Lightworker will be called into play. You will need to hold your center and keep shining your Light. You will need to be Fearless and Loving and Strong. You will need to hold your Balance.


And so, as you ask about the Esoteric Fair in Berlin, we ask that you use the opportunity to assist people to understand the challenges and changes that they will experience. Many will begin to feel as you feel now. They will not understand why they are out of balance and they will feel fear and anxiety and will want to “escape” from life. You can help them to awaken and see that this is not a disaster, but a change in a way of life that needs to change. Eventually, it will create Global balance and a better life for all. But that life will be based on Unconditional Love and Sharing and Community, and not individual economic wealth.


It will be a traumatic change for many, and you will need to be willing to assist many. This will not be through “healing” at home. Eventually, you will find yourself writing and speaking to groups of people and explaining to them what you know. You are in training for that now.


So, we ask dearest Christina, that you cease to panic and to try and define the future with your mind. Allow it to flow. How and what your work will be will be shown to you as events unfold. Just know that you are being called to be ready for your expanded work at this time, and that Spirit will indeed guide you and show you what your contribution will be.


Trust, and know in your Heart that all is Well.


We leave you now with a hug of Love and Light. You are a Leader and a Teacher and we honor you for your work and your skills. Know that we support you every step of the way. You need only ask and it will be given, dearest and most beloved soul!

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