Channel No 4

von Celia Fenn
am 27.10.2007  

Channel für Christina Dorothea Müller
No 4

geb. 15. Oktober 1953
in Deutschland

Originaltext deutsche Übersetzung von Christina Müller

Dearest Christina, this is Archangel Michael that comes to be with you and to share with you once again.  We do greet you at this time, and we offer to serve you through showing light on the subjects and the questions that you have put here before us.


We will say that the questions represent your past and your future, and the choices that you have in your life.  So, we will begin with the questions that you ask about the energy of sexual harassment and self-judgment that you carry in your life.


So, we will begin by saying that this is indeed a past life issue that you bring into the present life.  We do see a lifetime where you were a nun.  You were sent into the convent by your family, because you had been raped by a man in your home town.  You were from a wealthy family, and would have married well, but the rape ended those chances, and you were banished to spend your life in shame in the convent.  Even in your life as a nun, you carried the shame and humiliation, as all knew that you had been “defiled” by a man before you entered into your life of service.  And so, you were angry with yourself and with the man who had ruined your life.   Now, these were powerful emotions, and you did indeed carry them with you for many lifetimes.


Now, we can say, dearest Christina, that why they were so powerful is because they carried the full power of what your soul was seeking to balance in its various earth incarnations.  It was dealing with the unbalanced and out of control energy of patriarchy, or the cultural system where men had taken power over women.  As a Lightworker soul, you had agreed to enter fully into this energy so that you might be able to transmute it as part of your soul’s work.


So, dearest Christina, these are the roots of your issues with sexual energy and your own feelings of self-judgment, and now is the lifetime when you need to transmute and release these energies, as you are doing now.


So, you attracted into your early life a male,  who would set up these energies that you need to work with.  And so, you were able to feel the full range of anger, humiliation and self-judgment and the horror of a “ruined” life.  We can say that the one in this lifetime was the same man/soul who was responsible for the original rape incident that ruined your life.  In this case, the karmic consequences were played back in his own life.  You were not responsible for this, any more than you were responsible for what happened to you at this hands many lifetimes ago, although there were those who held you responsible for what happened, as he was also a close relative in that lifetime.


Dearest Christina, the way to break these “karmic resonances” is to forgive and release.  In this lifetime, you have reached a high enough level of consciousness to be able to just let go and release all that you do not need to carry.


Can you, from your heart and soul, forgive and release this man who was your “abuser” and who “ruined” your life on more than one occasion.  Can you see that he was acting out of a distorted male energy, a wounded male energy.  Can you see that any man who rapes and abuses a woman does the same to his own inner female energy, and is therefore wounded and insecure.  Can you see that rape and sexual harassments are ways that the male tries to take power over women because he fears his own inner female energy and is unable to find any other way to “be” with the feminine.

In this lifetime, humans are ready to balance the inner masculine and feminine.  They are ready to embrace their inner female and to love her, and the inner male is ready to embrace his own strength and power and to feel safe and secure in his own power.  

Dearest Christina, as you can forgive and release, as you can balance your own inner male and female energies, so you are able to do so for the Collective.  Dearest Christina, this is the importance of this work.  We were so glad that you were there with us in Gross Kochberg, where we able to work with you in this wonderful Sacred Heart meditation, and we were able to help you to balance your inner male and female energies so that you could effect this release for yourself and for others.

We ask you to know, dearest soul, that once you have finally let go of these energies, then you will cease to attract incidents of sexual harassment, and you will find more acceptance from the men with whom you work, as they will feel more comfortable with your energies as well. 


We hope that we have been able to explain this to you as best we can and that you will understand how you can work with these energies for the highest good, dearest Christina.  

Now, as for the future energies, let us then speak of your article about science and metaphysics.  Indeed, we can say well done!  And we do see that you will perhaps write a book on this topic.  There is indeed going to be a great need for educated and coherent people who can explain to the ordinary people how science and metaphysics do, in fact, support each other.  It will be part of the Great Awakening that will come in the next years.

Now, also, we have encouraged you to be with your great love of physics, and we do see that you may be going to write a book on this subject.  Indeed, you have the knowledge and the wisdom, and your guidance stands ready to begin to help you with this project.  You need only ask and it will be given.  
Finally, you ask about the energies with Jupiter in December.  We can say, dearest Christina, that the energies in December will be very powerful; and that both Jupiter and Pluto will be involved as the energies pour forth from the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun.  

The problems that you are having with your ears are a reflection of changes that are being made to your lightbody/body template, so that you can “hear” with more clarity.  Soon, you will begin to hear on frequencies that were not available to you before.  You will perceive on higher levels, and these perceptions will bring you new insights.

But we can say that this is a major shift and change, and that you do need to be very careful and very loving with yourself at this time.  Rest as much as you need to, and try to allow your mind to rest.  It is a time for the Heart. The heart is being “wired” so that you can hear with your heart and your intuitive range is increasing.  As this happens, you will indeed feel vulnerable and tired and a little out of sorts.  But it will pass, and you will emerge with these new abilities and gifts.  

And so, dear Christina, we do thank you for your presence here with us.  We wish you and your partner, Horst, much joy in your life together.  We see with joy that you are finding the sexual joy and balance that you so need in your life in working with this partner.  Know that we appreciate this aspect of the work that you have chosen to do. .

And so we leave you in Love and Light.  Know that you are deeply loved and supported at all times  
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