Channel No 3

von Celia Fenn
am 27.10.2007  

Channel für Christina Dorothea Müller
No 3

geb. 15. Oktober 1953
in Deutschland

Originaltext deutsche Übersetzung von Christina Müller
Dearest Christina, this is Archangel Michael that comes to be with you and to share with you once again. We do thank you for this opportunity to be of further service to you in explaining certain issues to you from our perspective.  
We would wish you to know, however, that you are the Master of Light, and that ultimately the choice as to what you will create in your life lies with you. You are the one who must make the choices and create the manifestation according to what seems right to you.
Now, let us speak first about your healing work and your work as a physicist. Now, in the original channel that we did for you, we spoke of your past life path and we spoke also of finding your passions and following those passions.  

So, now, let us for a while consider what this might mean. Firstly, you tell us that your father was a famous professor of physics. Well, have you ever considered, dearest soul, why you chose such a one to be your father? What was it about the profession and study of physics that drew you to such a soul? Might it not be, dearest Christina, that your soul too has a passion for physics and that you chose the soul that you knew would assist you to develop this passion in this incarnation?

Might it be that this is the reason that this path is opening for you. Because this is were the passion of your soul really lies, and this is where the synchronicities and opportunities are being created for you. Might it be that your desire to leave this form of work lies more in your unhappiness with the people in this field and their power politics, rather than the work itself. Might it be that your soul chooses to work in this field because this is where the greatest healing and light is necessary?  
We ask you to consider that the Earth, your beloved planet, is in a process of major transition and “healing”. Might it be that where you are is exactly where you need to be in order to carry out your healing work to the best of your ability. Might it be that this is where your contribution is most needed right now?  
Dearest Christina, let us consider something else that you have shared with us, and that is that your desire to heal “wounded souls” has its roots in rape and suicide and other “wounded emotions”. Consider then, that at this time of great change when humanity is learning how to align with the heart and live from the higher frequencies of love and joy, that it might be time to redefine what it means to be a healer?  
We would suggest that healing is necessary on all levels of society, and not just for individuals. There is great need for individuals who carry Light in their being to take that Light and let it shine in the world. We would suggest to you that there is so much so-called “darkness” in the world because in the past those who carry Light have chosen not to share that light, but to go into monasteries and abbeys. Now that time is past, and it is time for all to shine their Light in the world, so that this Light can be seen everywhere, and especially where it is needed.  
Right now, the planet needs as many skilled Lightworkers as possible in places where they can bring Light. It is not for you to judge those with whom you work, for we say that the Collective has chosen for Light, and that eventually the Light will come out supreme, but that it may take a while. Perseverance will be the key to making the changes that the planet needs. This will go along with courage, and the ability to hold your center in peace and love and to walk in integrity, no matter what happens around you.  
So, you see, dearest Christina, we are asking you to consider another definition of how you may best do your healing work, and another way of seeing your life and its purpose. We ask you to consider what may come from this. We will say also, that Germany is a great economic and technological power, and that the shifts and changes that are due to occur in German society quite soon will influence the rest of the planet, and we see this to be a positive change. So, it may be, dearest soul, that you are ideally situated to make the greatest possible contribution to the healing and balancing of the planet right now.  
So, let us consider now also what you see as the “jealousy of spiritual teachers against each other”. Let us say first, that most people who become spiritual teachers are highly skilled and motivated individuals with passion and courage, otherwise they would not have been selected for this role. As such, they are passionate about what they do and teach, and wish only the best for those they help. So, when it seems to them, rightly or wrongly, that another might not be helping people, then they do become passionate and filled with energy that might manifest as criticism. We ask you not to be distressed, but to allow these people their energies and indeed their human weaknesses. They do great work, and they are often tired and stressed in ways that are not always visible to those who see only the radiance of their souls. It will do more if you forgive them, and accept the gifts that they give to you, than if you should continue the energy by being critical and disappointed by your perception of their failings, dearest Christina.


Now, as for your interaction with person x, might it be that you are not meant to wor closely together, for each of you might have separate and different destinies. Often, people who are greatly gifted and who do not own their gifts will seek out others in whom they see these gifts apparently displayed. Might it be that you are equally as gifted and talented, and that you have your own soul work. Might it be that you yourself will create some kind of scientific-spiritual work as well? Might it be that he senses this and does not wish to get closer to you because he knows that it will lead to clashes as you each find your space.  
Indeed, work with those to whom you feel attracted and who are attracted to you. As we mentioned in the first channel, develop your Inner Divine Feminine. It may be the biggest challenge of this lifetime for you to develop Solar Feminine fire, that is to be a woman who is a creative scientist and also a Goddess and who can work in a “feminine” way, that is not by creating an “academy” but by creating a “community” of love and sharing and light, that maybe will span Germany and maybe even the planet. Dream your dreams and find your passions, and do not be limited by the limitations of others. At this time, all are doing their best as they undergo the changes and transitions that are needed at this time.  
We do thank you and Horst for the Light work that you are doing. We see how you both hold the Light from day to day. We say again that there are changes coming in Germany, and you will need your ability to hold the Light. Many will begin to seek the Light and they will be guided to you, but you must be ready to hold that Light. And, those that seek you may not always do so in your capacity as a healer or spiritual teacher. It may be that those with whom you work will also be drawn to you for your wisdom and light, and for your ability to be a person of great integrity and joy when others feel only desperation and confusion.  
Dearest Christina, we ask that you work with an open heart and mind. We ask that you strive to keep your heart open at all times, and to be the Light and Love that you would see on the Planet. That is the work of your soul, dearest one, that is the passion of your soul. We ask you to be open to the opportunities that you have every day to be a force of light and love for the planet.  
And so, dearest one, we leave you again with a hug of love and light. May you be blessed in your journey into the New Earth!

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