Channel No 2

von Celia Fenn
am 23.07.2007  

Channel für Christina Dorothea Müller
No 2

geb. 15. Oktober 1953
in Deutschland

Originaltext deutsche Übersetzung von Christina Müller

Dearest Christina, this is Archangel Michael that comes to be with you and to share with you once again. We are happy that we can be of service to you with our suggestions and our ideas, so that we mayassist you to make your own decision as to what is best for you at this time.


Dearest Christina, when we consider your questions, we feel that there are two issues that come to the fore. The first was what we spoke of in our last message to you, the need to connect with the passion of your heart and soul and find the courage and trust to express that. The second issue is that you are needing to release the past and all its implications, and move forward in trust and love.


We will explain what we mean, and it will become clear as we answer your questions individually. But, we will say, that the final decision rests with you - you are the Master and it is you that must create your own reality. We can only discuss with you the possibilities that we see within this reality field that you have created at this time.


But we will say, firstly, that the old cycle of the old Earth is ending NOW, and will be complete by the 9th of September. A new cycle will begin on the 1st of October, and many Light workers will be preparing to take up their new work and their new assignments as healers and teachers. ...


We would also say, dearest one, that the reason given, of needing the money, is really an evidence of your lack of trust in the flow of Spirit, and you need to still maintain ego control over your life as you see it. Now, we know dearest one, that to be grounded, which is needed, one must be careful and work well with one's finances in a practical way. But, it is also true, that you must trust your Higher Self to support you when you follow the desires of your heart and spirit in the service of the light. We see that you understand this on some level, for you yourself say that you could make a good financial flow in your work as a Shaman. Dearest Christina, do not underestimate the power of who you are and of your skills and abilities. Your past work and qualifications will be a great asset when you begin your spiritual service, for you will have credibility and acceptance and you will not have to work as hard as others for that acceptance. There is still great respect for those who have education and skill and can use them well. In fact, we will say quite plainly, that those Light workers who make the most impact are those who have PhD educations, for they have the trained skills and the intelligence to work with Spirit in such a way that their work has great radiance and power. For, spiritual work is also a co-creation with Spirit, and where Spirit is powerful and where you are powerful, then the result can only be a great power. And with this great power, you can be sure that you will always have what you need in terms of material abundance.


So, we would suggest, dearest Christina, that you may be limiting yourself through old survival fears. Know, dearest soul, that in the New Earth, the flow of abundance will be easy and graceful when you follow your heart and you engage in the work of your soul with courage, perseverance and passion. It will be challenging, but all shamans worth the name know that tests of courage and perseverance and trust are part of the shamanic path! For wisdom comes of moving into trust and following where the intuition leads. For, the intuition is the voice of Spirit, and so, when you can trust your inner guidance or intuition, you are following Spirit and being guided to the next level of self-expression and love.


Allow yourself to begin to create the new.


... We will say, that in the future that you are creating together, the Earth will regain her ability to heal spontaneously and instantly, as will humans. This will mean that radiation and toxicity will no longer be problems. The only reason why the Earth is now so polluted is that she has lost her ability to self-heal, just as humans have. And, as humans regain theses kills, so will the Earth. So, by investing your time and energy in creating this New Earth where self-balancing is the norm, you will indeed by helping to release the past and all its problems. You cannot "heal" what is now, you can only create something new that will take its place and create a different kind of Earth.


What is needed for this work is people who will teach others how to create and manifest according to the laws of metaphysics and quantum physics. These ones will know the power of manifestation and the power of creativity and love. These are the things that will be important in the future.


We ask that you be more trusting of the flow of Spirit, and release the need to be in control and to know everything and how it will work. The details are left to the Higher Energies, your work is to follow the passions and desires of your heart and soul, for these are the true guidance of Spirit.


So, may be dearest Christina, it is time to consider what embracing the new energy will mean for you, and how you will begin this new cycle of Light and Energy. We will say once again that the choice is yours, you are the Master of Light, you are the Creator of your own Reality.


Our work has been to hold up the mirror so that you may better see what your choices can be.


Once again we say that you are greatly loved and appreciated for who and what you are and the work that you do. You need only ask, and it will be given.


We leave you now with a hug of love and light.

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