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I am Christina from Germany. I am a physicist and a shaman and very interested in FOL etc. - especially for a balance of female and male energy in the world. I attended two latest workshops with Drunvalo and like it a lot.
Studying the Flower of Life books volume 1 and 2 I realized that the reflection of human consciousness in the pattern of circles and quadrates is very important for the current shift to Christ consciousness and the understandinf of failing of he current. I like to write an article for my German colleagues about it.
BUT: As a 3D physicist I like to understand what equals exactly the 1.6.. Phi when the circumference of quadrat and circle is equal. What parameter of the circle in what relation to a parameter of the quadrat euals phi????
Drunvalo could not remeber when I asked and I could not find it in chapter 9 or 7. Maybe I am blind.
I wold be very very indebted when you could tell me the secret. Even if - of course - the opening of te heart is more important.
Love and hugs
Hi, Christina,
Hope all is well with you. As you can see, I am buried with my emails, so I apologize for being so late. Actually, tomorrow I am dropping out until Feb of 2009 to complete the next book and to prepare for a television show. So I am sorry, but it will be almost impossible to reach me until next year.
But I do wish to explain what you are asking for. What makes the circle and the square reach the Phi ratio is when the perimeter of the square equals the circumference of the circle, but it is hidden. It has to do with internal lines within both forms. This information was edited out of my books, and I can't reproduce all of this now. But it comes from the Free Masons. They were the ones who first brought this geometrical argument to light. At least I think they were the first.
If the square is divided into four part at the center of each side, and a smaller square is created at those points creating a diamond. Then from the left and right sides of the diamond a line is drawn to the top and bottom of the circle exactly at the top line of the diamond, this form creates patterns that are all in the Phi Ratio. This only happens when the perimeter of the square and the circumference of the circle are equal.
I hope this helps you, or you can check out the Free Masons, they understand.
From my heart,
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