Briefwechsel mit Celia Fenn

Dear Celia,
how are you now?
Store this message to your files until you are recovered.
I wanted to share further thougts.
Meanwhlile I got it – what you meant you are Lady Faith and channel Michael.
WE are ISIS and express Osiris with our mind/spirit. Nobody ever channelled ISIS.
But on the other hand why there should be not a female divine voice? There are messages known from Mary and Nada the higher self of Mary-Magdalena. I would like to express the female thoughts.
During the last 3 years I trained to connect to all the 12 (+silver+turquoise) divine rays inspired by the book of Claire Avalon. I have the above picture in my bedroom. Each day or Night I connected to one angel or master serving on a certain ray and got information. I can feel the quality of the ray and see the color and symbols etc. Of course I can not hold them at once – not yet a Buddha! But I thought I could do something with this capability. Maybe when I like to share a certain topic of interest here in Germany or especially in Berlin I could connect to Michael and ask to call for spirit conference or assembly? I did so yesterday when I wrote a text about a light-product for Elke Claudia Wolf. I felt connected to Kuthumi, lady faith and facettes of the goddess.
While I am on the way to connect my chakras to one only I love the colored pictures and to play around with the rays in healing sessions.
Love and blessings and best wishes for your health
Die 7 Chakren
Hi Christina 
Yes, you have it exactly.
The Divine Feminine voice is the voice of the Heart, and needs no words. The words that we use with our minds belong to the masculine realm. And there is nothing wrong with that at all.  It is just knowing what the different energies feel like and what they achieve.
I am quite sure that you are already holding all the rays in your consciousness. That is the essence of the Fifth Dimension.
Love and blessings
Celia Fenn PhD
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